PINK royal: We rock so soft


"Pink Royal is a groovy bunch of goofballs who blend a little bit of pop, a little bit of jazz, and a little bit of electronic dance grooves into a gyrating mass of sexiness." -

Pink Royal makes sounds that blend ambient rock, electronica, indie synth-pop and all kinds of musical sexiness. Imagine Muse, MGMT, and Radiohead had a steamy musical orgy with Stevie Wonder, and Pink Royal was born 9 months later. Multiple vocalists make for electrifying performances, and are perfectly tuned to the complexity of the songs that belies their outright funkiness and dance groovability. Sharp guitars, mean synths and punchy beats characterize this young band’s unique sound. Pink Royal will make you believe.

"breezy, soulful pop...a cool, beautiful wave that crashes into you and washes away just as quick" - I Heart Local Music
"a collection of soulful pop songs with shifting time signatures and thoughtful chord progressions that sustain their cheery melodies and steady grooves" - The Kansas City Star