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Pink Royal make sounds that blend ambient rock, electronica, indie synth-pop and all kinds of musical sexiness. Imagine Muse, MGMT, and Radiohead had a steamy musical orgy with Stevie Wonder, and Pink Royal was born 9 months later. Guthrie on lead vocals is an electrifying performer, and is perfectly tuned to the complexity of the songs that belies their outright funkiness and dance groovability. Sharp guitars, mean synths and punchy beats characterize this young band’s unique sound. Pink Royal will make you believe.

Started in early 2012, Pink Royal was created by British Henry Burling, and Americans Steven LaCour and John Killeen in the college town of Lawrence, Kansas. Immediate chemistry ignited, and the very next day, the band had an opportunity to play a impromptu gig with a talented improvisational vocalist/musician Chad Smith or Mustard, formerly of The Dumptruck Butterlips. The four amigos began writing, playing, and recording with one another, to soon release a five track EP: the self-titled "Pink Royal". Regular gigs followed, new musicians began collaborating with the group, including Will Chertoff, Danny Ravensburg, and Lucas Parker. Cultivated was a small musical community of song writers swaping various creative energies. After the release of five new tracks, new members Dylan Guthrie, Alex Hartmann, and Nick Carswell became permanent additions to the group as the paths of some of the others brought them to foreign lands. You know, like, LA. Pink Royal's influences and backgrounds come from furthest depths of the genre spectrum. Pink Royal synthesizes this flux of influences into their unique blend of sound. This band appeals to not only the everyday music connoisseur, but also the musician. The technicality under the music rhythms intrigues the musician, whereas the dancy pop-soul drive of the overall song draws the listener into a state of musically induced paralysis via its enticing allure.